Review Process

All submitted manuscript will undergo double Blind Peer Review Process. A decision about acceptance, revision or rejection is sent to the corresponding author. Original artwork, photographs or other illustrations will not be returned unless the author specifically requests this when submitting a manuscript. Manuscripts that are neither accepted nor rejected may be returned to the author(s) with suggestions for revision. Such manuscripts may require revisions before a decision is made regarding acceptability for publication.

Peer Reviewers

  1. To facilitate a fair, unbiased scrutiny of the author’s work, offering constructive criticism and refraining from slanderous or derogatory remarks, so that the deserving works gets published
  2. To protect confidentiality in all matters regarding the peer review process.
  3. To handle cases of plagiarism and other copyright violation in a judicious manner and to inform the editor immediately about those violations.
  4. To declare if any conflict of interest (if necessary). Should refrain from peer review if any existing of conflict of interest.
  5. To perform the duties of the peer reviewer promptly.
  1. To accept an assignment of peer reviewing only if manuscript pertains to their subject of expertise.
  2. To coordinate efficiently with the Editorial Office.
  3. To uphold the ethical values, the credibility and the integrity of the Journal.