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There is growing pressure around the world to promote greater transparency and disclosure, consistent with the importance of the growth of world trade and investment. Disclosure regulation varies internationally and there is often a lack of transparency especially in the emerging economies. From the study, we discover that the quality of accounting information in terms of its accuracy, adequacy, reliability and mode of disclosure is a major determinant of the level of efficiency of the capital market and other decision tasks. It also determines the nature and extent of moral hazard to which existing and potential investors could be exposed, thereby influencing the level of optimality of allocation of societal resources. This study employs a total of 50 companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), however, the final sample cuts across 17 out of the 21 sectoral classification for the period 1986 to 2004. Two sets of data were collected that is predicted values of the relevant performance indicator over the projection period as presented in the prospectus of each company. The second set of data is the Actual Values of the indicators up to three years of operations after public issue.
The findings in this study suggested among other things, that the current level of adequacy of accounting information made available to potential and existing investors requires significant improvement. SULE AHMED, UMAR SANDA ALI

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